A downloadable game for Windows

A simple puzzle game with a double function gun, shooting two types of ammo at the same time. 

  • W-A-S-D for movement
  • Left click for shooting blob (top left bar shows remaining ammo)
  • Right click for draining mushrooms
  • Escape for pause/menu

The gun shoots two types of ammo:

  1. Blue one: activates triggers on wall
  2. Yellow one: spawns a jumping pad if it hits the ground

Shroom is a submission to Game Maker's Toolkit Jam made by 3 people:

  • Art/Sound: Cem Ayhan
  • Level/Game Design: Ferdi Bakırezer
  • Programming: Ömer Ayhan

Just unzip the file and run Shroom.exe to play.


Shroom.zip 51 MB

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